Campbell Scale Models

Paul Hillman

I just received from Campbell Scale Models, their current catalog on DVD and have to say what a wonderfully done piece of work.

The entire DVD sections, on their various kits, are accompanied by the finest steam-era railroad music you'll ever hear. Don't know who the singer and band is, but they're very good. Lot's of songs about boxcars and being a "railroad man". Also, "The City of New Orleans", one of my favorites.

There are many prototype photos showing steam era freight cars and steam engines and the prototype stuctures Campbell models. Shows some UP covered hoppers in one scene.

One of the sections is on their Weston figures, like their old steam era engineers and hobos, etc.

The cost was only $5.00 and it is well worth it just for the music alone.

I'm not affiliated in any way with Campbell Scale Models, but just wanted to pass this on to all of the steam era & nostalgia fans.

I think, a great work regarding our beloved RR's.

Campbell's contact info is:

Campbell Scale Models
PO Box 3547
Central Point, Oregon 97502
Phone: (541) 664-9296
Owner: Duncan Campbell

Paul Hillman

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