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James D Thompson <jaydeet@...>

I thought the Varney car was just a poor rendition of the USRA 55 ton
hopper. I never bothered to look past its coarseness for the subtleties
that would distinguish it from its precursor.
The easiest way to tell the difference between the "early standard" and
USRA hoppers is to look at the rivets for the crossridge (the rivet
'triangle' in the bottom center of the side). The USRA had a low
crossridge triangle, while the "e.std" had a taller triangle. The GLa
also had a taller crossridge, but the base was wider due to the extra 14
inches between the hopper bays (8'2" on the GLa versus 7' on the "e.std".
Other spotting features, but not universal, are the square end sill and
the end supports made of a single angle with a trapezoidal top plate
(imagine splitting a GLa end support down the middle).

The 1906 CBD has a drawing of the 10-ft eaves height car, which I
scanned and put in the Files section as 'estdhop.jpg'. The only quirks
of the drawing are the location of the brake release lever on the side
sill and the top eave mounted outside of the side sheet (which I've never
seen on any "e.std" car).

On another matter, I'm pretty well convinced that the USRA twin was
derived from the B&O N-10 and not the "e.std".

Has anyone tallied which roads had them and by when they had largely
Funny you should ask :) I do have a list in progress, but it's nowhere
near finished yet. I've got about 60,000 for the 10-ft (eaves height)
version; 9000 for the 10'4" version (all LV and CNJ); 29,000 for the
10'6" version (primarily B&O and NYC), and 3500 for the 11-ft version
(these are almost entirely C&O). Here's the list to date:

Hoppers took a lot of abuse and many of these cars were built before
1920, so scrapping began in the 1930s and accelerated through the 1940s
(many AAR offset hoppers were replacements for these cars). From what
I've found, NYC and B&O held onto theirs the longest with the last large
groups disappearing in the mid-1950s.

David Thompson

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