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Jason Sanford <parkcitybranch@...>

I model 1942 so I need white lettering, please.

Jason Sanford

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I can definitely say that the cars will be UP S-40-6, but the
details differed on some of the cars, and the details changed over the years. I
am not sure which detail version will be produced; you'll have to wait for
an official announcment for that.

What specific UP stock cars are you looking for, and what year do
you model?



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Jeff: Hi, I'm looking for some a couple specific UP stock car types to
match traffic records on the NP, and I'm curious what number series this Red
Caboose model will represent, and over what span of years they were rostered.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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You will see a UP stock car from Red Caboose, as a result of efforts by
the UPHS.



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