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Rob & Bev Manley

I like the Polyscale Acrylics so I paint my Q stuff "Special Oxide Red". I like the hue to have a warm red cast to it like I see in Mike Spoors CB&Q color book. The Q called thier color Mineral Red but that Polyscale color looks browner and more appropriate for ATSF cars. I use Future floor finish for my clear coat and flat finish with Polyscale's Clear Flat.
Rob Manley

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I'm ready to paint a Sunshine Models CB&Q XA-11A automobile boxcar, and
could use some advice on correct paint color, circa 1950 era. The kit
instructions suggest a Floquil mix of 9 Tuscan Red, 1 Boxcar Red, and 1 Reefer
White -- my test shot seems a bit dark vs. my possibly poor recall of CB&Q
boxcar color.

Is this suggested mix well-accepted by the CB&Q modeling community? Any
other Floquil color suggestions?

Bob Chapman
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