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Al -

If you want a copy of my measurements for the 1948-era car, send me a private message with your snail mail address and I will send you a copy (3 pages). I even have a couple of detailed photos of the brake equipment under the car.

I wonder whether the PS drawings for the 1927-built cars still exist. Would like to build one of them. My old efforts were bad - used brass Drednaught ends, but did not reverse them! Only finished one car, then sold them all after hearing they were in captive service. Became interested in them again after seeing one of them down here!

Incidentally, I saw/measured that car back in 1980! Thought it was only 10 years ago! How time flies when having fun!!

A.T. Kott

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Mr. A.T. Kott,

Thanks for the clarifications.  I found two images of C&IM 7199 in my 1937 CBC (overhead interior and near side view).  The interior shot clearly shows the Murphy style ribs.  The captions have the key data.  If the Illinois Bituminous coal packing density weighed around 54 pounds/cu ft it would hit its load limit of 155,000 pounds without heap.

Actually, I believe I saw three types of end panel rib-ends: pointed (Murphy), flattened, and split or bi-forcated(sp).

So all came out of Pullman, but different plants?

1927 Lot 5423 Michigan City

1937 Lot 5562 Hammond

1948 Lot 5909 Butler      

You have to wonder how much series-specific tooling they kept in their back lots.Â

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