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What is the thinking on how a frieght yard would look during a period
of economic downturn? Would there be more cars, less cars, or no

There would be lots of home road cars in storage, becoming weathered and rusted. The wheels would be getting rust on them as well as the track underneath the cars. The RIP track would be getting full. There would be rust and weeds growing on the vacant tracks that were not mainlines. There might even be a few weeds starting to sprout on the mainlines.

Don't forget there would be some deadlines of steamers in storage near the engine house. These would probably be the bigger and older power. They would probably have canvas tarps covering up the cabs and boards over the windows to prevent some kids from throwing rocks at them. I suspect you would see the same situation on the caboose tracks with the older wooden cabooses stored first. Depending on the era and price of scrap metal, you might see a few things being cut up.

A.J. Gemperline

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