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Paul Lyons

I cannot imagine?why, for any reason, you would?want to use something with no rigidity, like copper wire, ?for?a grab iron. Let's get real, model railroad cars get handled, even in amd out of display cases!

If .013 is the smallest size you can get, it is not even good for UF brake piping, being about twice oversize the prototype.

Jerry's suggestion of the CMA phosphor brass wire is?the material?from which?all my grab irons are made.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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Another option, borrowed from someone who posted
on one of the yahoogroups I read, is to use copper
wire. It is available in a large number of sizes,
and has the advantage of being very easy to form,
a real advantage for brake system air lines.

While softer than other wires we've discussed,
you don't really want to handle/press on the grab
the wire once it is installed anyway, do you? Six
100 foot rolls of each size from .013 to .040
cost me $65 including S&H about 2 years ago when
copper was dear. If desired I can post my source
for the wire; I would have included it but the
source isn't handy at the moment.


jerryglow2 wrote:
I prefer phosphor brass wire as from Tichy/CMA (and probably
others). Its readily available and more workable IMHO.

Jerry Glow

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Staring at me in the pile of car kits to build is a Rail
Shops' carbon black covered hopper. .009" stainless steel
wire is supplied in the kit for grabirons and brake rigging.

Has anyone here any comments on the use of this wire on
STMFC models? It seems tougher than the usual brass wire
that we use, and in .009" diameter, is very near scale size
for HO grab irons and brake rigging.

Steve Lucas.


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