Re: Common frt car trucks 1950s?

John Wark


Here are a couple of sources of photos...

the first link is to a Jeff Wilson article available as a PDF from the Model
Railroader site that has an overview of freight car trucks and some good

this second link is to a photo archive of nothing but photos of different
types of freight car trucks. After reading Wilson's article you can
probably figure out how to decode the labels on most of the trucks...

Both of these links popped up in the first few answers to a Google search
for "freight car trucks".

Hope this helps.

John Wark

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Wonder if someone might know what the most common freight car
trucks were in use during the 1950s (and into the '60s) - type,
wheelbase, manufacturers?

The most common trucks in the 1950s were plain journal ASF A-3 Ride
Control and Barber Stabilized S-2.
Wheelbase was 5'6" on 50 ton trucks,
5'8" on many 70 ton trucks. The ASF A-3 design was developed by
American Steel Foundries and the Barber S-2 originated with the
Standard Car Truck Co., but both designs were licensed to a number of
other manufacturers.

Richard Hendrickson

Mr Hendrickson, would there be a source for photos of these trucks?
Not being that knowledgeable with what they look like it would help in
locating additional photos and the trucks in H.O scale.


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