Re: Intermountain bulkhead flat cars


Tim and list;

This is interesting news that I had not heard yet. According to the EL
Freight/Passenger Color Guide, the Erie first converted two of its
Greenville Car Co.-built 8050-8099 series flats in October 1956 (required
STMFC date range :) to bulkhead cars for sheetrock hauling; the EL followed
up with two more in September 1961, making the four car series numbers

The IM art shows the bulkheads to be supported by some sort of open
structure; the photo in the color guide depicts what appears to be closed
framework or supports of some sort... It will be interesting to see the
exact details of the model bulkhead...

Thanks for the heads up on this model!

Jim Harr
Stella Scale Models

Posted by: "Tim O'Connor" cf5250
Mon May 11, 2009 8:58 am (PDT)

Are any of the announced bulkhead flats (B&O/NYC/EL) accurate?
They are modified 53'6" AAR 70 ton flat cars.

Tim O'Connor

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