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Armand Premo

Thanks again Tony.Both cars are R-30-12-9.Both were "completely reconditioned",repacked and light weighted on 7-39.Armand Premo

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Armand Premo wrote:
> Thank you Tony .This begs other questions,RC-4101-1has ladders
> on sides and ends and a power hand brake.RC 4101-2 has side ladders
> and end grabs with a stem winder hand brake.Both cars have K
> brakes,T section trucks and both had reweigh dates of 1939.With
> those differences are they both correct?How long were they carried
> on the roster in those configurations.

I'm sorry, I don't have those kits myself and don't know exactly
which bodies they are. But AFAIK all of the -9 rebuilds received steel
ladders, sides and ends, along with power handbrakes, when rebuilt
during 1938-1940. Most kept their T-section trucks until after WW II,
when many got AAR trucks. The earlier cars in the class kept their
original KC brakes, but soon after WW II they began to get AB brakes.
For a 1939 reweigh date, I'd say a -9 should NOT have grab iron rows
or vertical-staff handbrakes. But if it's an R-30-12 car, it certainly
could have.
What class lettering is on the car bodies?

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