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Armand Premo

Mike et al ,Admittedly I am over my head wandering around in the dark.Like Pennsy box cars I have to have PFE reefers.Geeez, Just when I was beginning to trust manufacturers.Quess I'll just have to stick with resin kits, and even then with my guard up.Armand Premo

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First, Armand...Welcome to the world of PFE. Before you become too involved
be aware that I know of at least two modelers who, attempting to learn the
PFE reefer car mods, their numbering changes, their paint schemes along with
when they existed, are now in places like Sunnybrook Rest Home. One of them
has to be kept in a separate guarded facility because he tried to bite an
attendant when the attendant asked him if he had ever seen the Pacific

Bruce Smith says about the Red Caboose R-30-12 and R-30-12-9:

> Actually, aren't both wrong? I have the R-30-12-9 and R-30-12 at home and
> I did a little looking in the archives. I believe the 4101 kits may be
> the original run of low height carbodies. If so, the carbody height
> actually represents an R-30-12, not the taller rebuilt R-30-12-9 (aka
> R-30-9).

I think that is correct.

"As such, both would be wrongly painted, but you could strip the one with
ladder grabs and paint it for an appropriate R-30-12 scheme."

I'm not sure why the R-30-12 would be wrongly painted. While the R-30-13's
were apparently renumbered prior to scrapping [ PFE book, pg 100 ], there is
no such statement with regard to the 12's. PFE book, pg 98 indicates 284 12
and 13's made it to 1950 under their original numbers. There is no telling
what paint scheme these survived with...although one might assume few would
be in the Overland scheme but I wouldn't want to bet my Key Big Boys on
that. In fact, the Big Boy Collection video...which contains the infamous
train of 36 SP box cars...also has a train with a wood PFE reefer with the
single UP medallion in 1953. Is it the Overland? I'll check. The PFE book,
pg 387 shows an Overland medallion in 1948. Now, that's only 6 yrs after the
Overland [ without "System" ] was removed from the medallion. Red Caboose
kit # 4001, R-30-12 has the Overland medallion without "System". So, I would
think an R-30-12 with an Overland medallion could be found in 1950.

"As for the car with ladders, I looked in the PFE book and could not find
any R-30-12 (or -13) reefers with ladders on the original body, so that one
is a bust, if these are the lower carbodies..."

Hmmm. More study may be needed. Now, I notice that R-30-12 kit # 4001-2 has
holes and bolt heads for individual grabs but does not include the grabs,
having ladders instead. It would be easy to build the 12 with individual
grabs...or ladders. OTOH, WP kit # 4201 [ R-30-12 ] has no such holes and
bolt heads and the paint scheme of 1939. The prototype has ladders.

> Armand - are the bodies the same height?

I'm betting the R-30-12-9 has a side 8 ft high as does the 12. The R-30-9
has an 8.5 ft height.

Mike Brock


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