Re: RC PFE R-30-12-9

Tim O'Connor

Let me just add: Sunshine's R-30-9 and other wood bodied
PFE reefer kits are significantly better detailed than the
Red Caboose plastic kits. So much detail is missing from
the plastic cars that I almost regard them as "stand in"

And of course, the Red Caboose cars only come with the single
I-beam Bettendorf 30 ton underframe. Sunshine offers you three
different underframes.

Tim O'Connor

The subsequent corrected RC releases of the R-30-12 and R-30-9
(R-30-12-9) are excellent kits. Both kits can be improved by shaving
off the brake levers and adding free-standing ones. In addition, the
R-30-9 (R-30-12-9) is good fodder for other cars such as the
R-30-12-16 (R-30-16)and R-30-12-18 (R-30-18) conversions and for
those feeling more adventurous, the R-30-13 and R-30-13-16 with the
use of the Tichy underframe (note that the R-30-13-18 is available as
a plastic kit already).

Regards, From the Sunnybrook Rest Home ;^)

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