Re: RC PFE R-30-12-9

Tim O'Connor

The numbers I listed -- 4100, 4101, 4200, 4201 -- are the only
kits that use the original incorrect carbody, as far as I know.
I know because I have all of them. :-(

Which is quite different than saying all the other RC kits are
correct, which would be false.

Terry's kitbash kits are accurate, as is his own Pacific Freight
Enterprises R-30-18 kit.

Tim O'Connor

Did RC change product numbers with the new kits? If so does anyone know what
they might be. I have 6 R-30-9's and a few of Terry Wegman's conversition
kits (from Andy Carlson) so I would like to make sure the cars are correct.
I'm fairly confident the Terry Wegman kits are OK since they are only a few
years old.
Brian Carlson

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