Re: RC PFE R-30-12-9

Tim O'Connor

Mike Brock wrote

Well, since we are referring to kits as they come in the box, I would agree.
I should have noted that I scribe the boards over the doors in order to make
it an R-30-12. What else needs to be done to represent a WP car that I'm not
thinking about?
Mike Brock

Most of the WP cars were based on the R-30-13. Most of them had
Hutchins roofs. Almost ALL of the remaiing original/reconditioned
cars were withdrawn from service by 1950; After that rebuilding
began in earnest for the surviving cars. Sunshine produced a model
of the rebuilt cars. Many of them were modified later with electric
fans (not included in the Sunshine model).

So your work is cut out for you, if you want to represent a WP/PFE
reefer in the 1950's.

Tim O'Connor

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