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Let me say by way of clarification, there is no physical or photographic evidence of the R-30-12 underframes under any WP-owned PFE cars, as discussed in Tony's PFE book. One might have expected the first 200 cars to have had the -12 Bettendorf underframes, but the builder's photo in his book clearly shows the -13 built-up underframe bolster ends. No numbers can be attached to the supposed R-30-12 underframes, and I am of the opinion that they were never actually built this way.

Based on suggestions by Richard Hendrickson in one of his articles in DING when these RC models were new, I built modified several of these cars with the Tichy parts. Not hard at all. Both my WP cars have them, and I also did some regular PFE cars as R-30-13-9s (R-30-9s by my 1950s period).

R-40-6s had both Bettendorf and "built-up" underframes (they were actually rebuilds of cars from several classes). By a stroke of luck, the last one with a "built-up" underframe was scrapped in 1956, two years before my time period. All my R-40-6 cars use the stock RC Bettendorf underframes, and have correct numbers from the remaining cars circa 1958.

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Garth G. Groff

Mike Brock wrote:

Garth Groff writes:

Even if the body was right, the RC model's underframe isn't right for
the WP/PFE cars. Most, if not all (there is some doubt about this, see
Tony's book), used the later R-30-13 underframe. IIRC, this was called a
30-ton "built-up" underframe. You can use Tichy's 40-ton underframe
parts to come close.
Yes, the PFE book suggests that about 200 WP cars out of 2775 might have the "12" design. Using the Tichy underframe is a good solution given the fact that I went the other way prior to Red Caboose cars, making Bettendorf underframes by modifying the Tichy underframe.
That was before my first visit to Sunnybrook Rest Home.

Mike Brock

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