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When did GN go from a mineral brown paint to the red paint on boxcars.
1956, or maybe 1958. That's when the GN put together their first 40' plug/slide boxcars. The 1956 date is supposed to be a group of only three cars. The 1958 date is for a larger batch. The cars were painted in the new vermilion paint scheme.

when did GN begin to use the stylized "Great Northern" sans serif. I don't
know what they may have called the lettering. Refer to the top photo on page
85 of RP CYC 10 for an example of what I am referring to as stylized
lettering. Thanks
Brian Carlson
I'll toss out a big "duh" on the other questions (although the above mentioned cars were delivered with the slanting billboard roman style of lettering, so the "empire builder" style happened after that date). I recommend going to the GN group as there are some people there who know these things. Right now there's a bit of discussion about Intermountain's latest release of new paint schemes for the GN plywood boxes.


Edward Sutorik

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