Re: Carmer Uncoupling Levers

Tim O'Connor

I think the date may be related to the introduction of
bottom-link couplers like the Type E. My 1928 Car Builder's
is falling apart but I don't see any cars with bottom-link
couplers. So my guess is the changeover came in the 1930's.
(Many of the cars from the late 1920's show Carmer levers)

Tim O'Connor

Is there a cutoff date where carbuilders stopped using Carmer uncoupling
levers and switched to the rotary design?

The reason I ask -- I'm modeling L&N's USRA composite gondolas. L&N had
two series -- the #74000-74999 series built as USRA originals in 1919, and
the #73000-73999 series of USRA copies built in 1922-23. The #74000s clearly
had the Carmer design. The only photo I have of a #73000 series car is a
direct side view which doesn't show the uncoupling lever.

I'll welcome any insight!

Bob Chapman

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