Re: Confused by RMC review of Accurail plug+sliding door box car

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Scott, very few railroads bought such cars -- CB&Q, CP, GN, MILW,
NP, PGE, RI, SOO, UP. This particular model represents a Soo Line
car built in 1959. They definitely were first built in the 1950's,
mostly in the later 1950's. As far as I know the only one built
after 1960 was for PGE (Pacific Great Eastern), and you'd never
confuse it with this model.

Tim O'Connor
I have a scan of a picture in the files, looks like from the CBC from the style of the caption, of a Union Pacific BC-50-11 that shows a built date of 11-64. It has dreadnaught ends, but we won't be doing it unless I can get the them painted and assembled in China. The 'Automated Railway' sheme with the silver roof, ends, and frame is expensive to mask.

The MILW, GN, and NP all built similar cars in 1958, Soo in 1959, NP again in 1960. The general adoption of covered hoppers for grain loading in the sixties eliminated these cars reason for being, which was to provide a wide door opening on a car that could still be coopered with standard grain doors for grain loading, and no more were built.


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