Re: Confused by RMC review of Accurail plug+sliding door box car

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As far as I can tell all of the BC-50-10's received the new
Automated Rail Way scheme with the large full color shield.
UP stopped using yellow lettering in 1961 or early 1962. The
BC-50-11's and -12's received yellow paint because they also
received cushioning and that was the standard for cushioned
cars from that time.

Tim O'Connor
Yes, That's what the pix in our files show. That's why we lettered our model as a BC-50-*8*, and we have a scan of a photo showing it with the large UNION PACIFIC on two lines, with the 'Be Specific' slogan. From your dates on the paint scheme change, it would appear these were rebuilt sometime prior to 1961 or '62. Re-weigh date on the photo is no help, as the car has a new 1965 date over a paint patch.

I have to admit, a NEW 4-47 weight date made it onto the model, it's a victim of our policy of putting the oldest applicable weigh date on models so they will be most useful to the most modelers. I don't think the graphics guy realized these cars were rebuilt, until this morning I didn't either.

Now that we've tied these cars to the B-50-39 cass, I see that these cars did not have "ZU" eave construction, same as our model. So these, and the SOO car, are actually the most correct.


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