Re: Confused by RMC review of Accurail plug+sliding door box car


Scott: Here are more specific dates and related information for the NP boxcar series of the 40ft plug+sliding door configuration:

NP 8000-8499 1958 NP RY Brainerd Shops
NP 3000-3339 1959-60 Pullman–Standard
NP 8450-8849 1959-60 NP RY Brainerd Shops
NP 8850-9148 1960 NP RY Brainerd Shops
NP 9150-9200 1960 NP RY Brainerd Shops

Note all of these cars had ZU (overhanging) eave roofs, unlike the Accurail model, and a different door configuration than the model (a 6ft width Youngstown sliding door paired with an 8 foot width plug door). The P-S built series and certain Brainerd-built cars in the ca. 8450-8849 range had P-S bowtie ZU eave roofs and P-S ends. All others had Improved Dreadnaught ends as the model does. The P-S built series had welded side panels, but the remaining series had riveted side panels of approximately the configuration of the model.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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The review in the May 2009 issue starts by saying 40' box cars of this configuration were built between 1947 and 1964; then it states the first such cars were built by the GN shops in October 1953.
Among the initial roadname offerings is "Union Pacific (mineral red, lettered in yellow as built in 1947)."
So when WERE cars of this type first built?
BTW the Accurail ad on page 16 of that issue shows a UP car with the "Be Specific..." slogan, which was not in use in 1947.

Scott Pitzer

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