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There are other public libraries who have gotten government grants to have photographer's negative sleeve notes transcribed into captions.  One recent caption we noted on a Columbus, Ohio, late-1940 image noted a train running over the Little Miami River bridge south of Columbus.  Actually, it was taken near the Little Miami Rr and C&O Rwy crossing-tower (LM Cabin) on the Scioto River bridge west of Columbus.  I'm hoping to correct the caption when I purchasing a hi-res scan of this negative.  Lots of times, the head curator has the caption files locked down so only he or she can modifiy them or enter new ones in a batch mode.

We hope to minimize this at the C&O HS archive work sessions by pairing off younger and older members to enter these captions . . . and asking a lot of dumb questions.  The "slave-labor run" system is not perfect.

Al Kresse

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Two weeks ago I was researching the M&StL at the Mercantile Library in St.
Louis, accessing the Barriger Collection. While going through John
Barriger's photo album of the M&StL photos, I noticed more than a few photo
captions contained errors. While these were not freight car photos, a person
using this collection as a first source of historic value, could come away
with incorrect information in their notes. I mentioned the errors to the
attendant, but had no way of correcting the captions. While I knew the
correct information for the M&StL, the experince made me suspicious of other
"facts" recorded for which I was not familiar. I know, you should always
double check and verify, but sometimes when doing historic research you only
have one source.

As to captions in books and magazines, as an author I have submitted
captions which were not used or edited to where I hardly recognized them. If
the person who does the finally proof reading does not know the subject
matter, well .....

Doug Harding

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