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From another list a question is arising as to the last date a B&)
Wagontop M-53 could use a Creco door. A search of the prior listings
show a lot of discussion on Creco's but no clear date for this car with
this door. Can anyone help?

George Courtney
These are NOT Creco doors. They are "XLT" doors the "trade name" used
by the inventor and patent holder John Tatum Superintendent of Cars for
the B&O during the period these cars were designed and built. The
wagon-top design as used by the B&O was also patented by him.

I have three photos of M-53 still with their original Tatum "XLT" doors
with re-weight dates of 1952 and 1953. A shop photo from Mt. Clare
Shops shows a car with Youngstown replacement doors with a re-weight
date of 1950. As was often the case Mt. Clare Shops would do the first
conversion and workout the details before instructions for replacing the
doors would be send to the other car shops throughout the system. The
program would be implemented as time and funds were available. The B&O
always lacked funds in the 1950's so any replacement plan probably took
longer than initially scheduled.

I hope this helps

Bob Witt

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