Re: Frameless tank car questions

Richard Hendrickson

On May 20, 2009, at 12:42 PM, Dave Nelson wrote:

I'm trying to find the answer to a couple of questions on the
frameless tank
cars used by UTLX near the start of the 20th century and google isn't

What is the proper name for this design?
Did UTLX have some sort of class name they used for these?
Any info on on long these cars might have been in interchange
service (my
personal time period of interest is 1950).
And perhaps most important to me, what was a typical light weight
for these

Dave, I can add to the information Andy Sperandeo posted that some of
these cars were still in service in the early 1950s, though mostly
for non-regulatory commodities by that time, but that all were gone
by August, 1953 because of their age and the difficulty of replacing
their original K brakes with ABs, since there was no center sill to
which the new brake components could be attached.

I can add that in the early '50s UTLX 15371 had a light weight of
31600 lbs. (with a weigh date of "NEW 4 12" !).

Richard Hendrickson

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