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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Jerry Michels wrote:
Erroneous information in the 128-page wonder books is certainly a problem. It is a shame that these authors, editors and publishers do not realize that these are not "pretty" books, but should be regarded as histories.
Very true, Jerry, and the exact reason why, after two books for Yanosey, I declined to do any more. He told me he did not WANT history in the captions, "just keep them short and sweet," he said. I'd written a number of captions (for photos HE selected and laid out), and he said they were all too long and "too fussy."
It's been reported that Yanosey has since seen the light--not something I can personally vouch for--but I'm not aware of a single Sweetland book which doesn't contain bunches of errors. Sweetland's Morning Sun book on the "SP in Color" has some captions which will make you laugh out loud they are so wrong.
I've given people the same advice about Sweetland that I do about the Henderson freight car books: enjoy the photos but put your thumb over the captions while doing so, lest the foolishness seep into your system. And please note I referred to "Henderson," NOT by any means "Hendrickson."

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