Re: Confused by RMC review of Accurail plug+sliding door box car


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NP 8000....9200 [blt 1959+] Note all of these cars had ZU (overhanging) eave roofs, unlike the Accurail model, ***and a different door configuration than the model (a 6ft width Youngstown sliding door paired with an 8 foot width plug door)***...
***I've been thinking perhaps I should footnote this statement about door configuration because there has been some discrepancy on this matter at other web sites, and it merits clearing up. The NP cars had 8 foot plug doors of nearly identical dimension and design as those represented on the Accurail model. The 6ft Improved Youngstown sliding door on the NP cars, however was of slightly different 6/6/6 design (counting corrugation concavities per panel), while those on the model are a more conventional 5/6/6 design.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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