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Andy Carlson

Tom, I am guilty as many others in semantics, particularly when it comes to RR terminology, but this is quibbling. Semi-scale wheelsets are .088 " wide, so many times they are refered to "code" 88. There are no other wheelsets available in the commercial market with a confusingly similar notation, so do not worry about the choice of words.  Do not confuse code 88 with Proto 87, for they are not the same.

I recommend purchasing TMW trucks with the wheelsets you intend to use.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the copy of Brian's new Coil-Elliptic truck flyer. Since there is a little confusion over pricing and the listing as Code 88 wheelsets, can you clarify if they are available in semi-scale Proto-88 wheelsets.

Earlier, you had said that Brian had stopped using Intermountain Proto-88 wheelsets due to their non-conformance to his standards and was going to use Reboxx Proto-88 wheelsets. Are these now available in proto-88 semi-scale reboxx wheelsets or do you recommend just buying the side frames?

Best regards,

Tom Olsen

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