Re: Tank Car Crazy

Richard Hendrickson

Standard of Indiana and Esso, being former members of
the Standard Oil monopoly, continued to contract with Union Tank Line for
rail shipments after the Standard monolith was broken up by the courts.
Pure Oil sold their tank car fleet to UTC in the mid-1930s and leased cars
from UTC after that date.

So, the P2K Type 21 cars with UTLX rreporting marks would be appropriate
then? Or perhaps the Intermountain Type 27?
Though UTL didn't buy Type 21s new, they had a relatively small number
acquired second-hand during and after the depression, and the P2K models
are accurate for those. However, AFAIK, UTL never owned Type 27s at all,
and what we all need are accurate models of 8K and 10K UTL Class X-3s,
which were built in vast numbers for UTL to their own designs in the 1920s.
InterMountain Type 27 tanks could be used to model the later X-3s with
larger domes but the distinctive UTL underframes remain a problem. There
has been talk about making these in resin but it hasn't come to anything
yet. Sooner or later, we'll get accurate models of X-3s because the
prototypes were too numerous to ignore. Meanwhile, I'll bet you've got
plenty of other unbuilt kits in your closet to keep you busy, n'est ce pas?

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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