Re: The growing problem of erroneous captions


I think you got my point: maybe not a direct parallel but the lack of attention to detail or desire not to bother with it is the point I meant. The time factor is something entirely different. I have (probably) too many cars already counting unbuilt kits so if something new comes out it better be pretty different (not oddball) or be available in kit form I can make it so.

Jerry Glow

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IMHO it's the same mentality that has led to the preponderance of ready to
run cars instead of kits.

Don't know if I can agree with this. The RTR trend I believe has more to
do with available time than an inability or no desire to read captions.
However, I can see where the case can be made that people don't have time to
read captions either. I buy a lot of RTR cars if they fit my modeling era,
and don;t buy a lot of others because they don't fit. But I do read
information on the cars to see where they fall. Of course maybe a lot of people
can't read kit instructions either! :^)

Jerry Michels
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