Re: The growing problem of erroneous captions


Jim, and the rest of the group.
First off, I know personally that the B&O book was a big
disappointment for Craig Bossler because of all the work he did to "get it right", only
to have it thrown by the wayside. He told me he wouldn't do anymore such
books for them. Anyone who knows Craig well, also knows what a
perfectionist he can be.
A second thought on your comments are that when at the National
Archives of Canada I experienced the very same problem as you in terms of "the
way we got it is how it should be". Anyone who has been there knows that the
collection is only "two steps from random". There are some groups of
photos that are related well to each other, but many boxes are just a mess of
prints with no relationship. I found boxes with the same print in them four
or five times in different places, each print of a different quality, but
I was not allowed to place all of them in one spot so people could compare
them and order a copy off the best one.
Happily some institutions bother to listen to knowledgeable persons
and adjust files. I've had a number of files at the U of M Transportation
library changed over the years because they bother to listen to a reasonable
argument for the change. Across town at the U of M Bentley Library it was
exactly as you describe, a rigid set of rules that allowed some really nice
documents get trashed by over handling, rather than make a "user copy"
first (which I offered to pay for even).
Jim, I live within 4 miles of the Kettering collection and will
contact you off list for some input on what you saw there. Yes, the demise of GM
has hurt all the collections here, most staff are gone, but maybe I can
still access it.
Rich Burg
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