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The EB scheme to go with mineral paint for box cars was introduced in April of 1956 to be used on older cars that were repainted. The car used in the press release was the 18626, a 10'2 inside height twelve panel all steel car with IMPROVED Youngstown doors built 1949. The 18626 in the press relase has a 4-56 date. The Intermountain car is correct but for their EARLY Youngstown doors. Correct doors are available, I hope, from Andy Carlson.

At the same time vermilion was introduced to be used on new cars. It would take some time before vermilion started being used in repainting older cars. We have seen a picture of a car so repainted with a 2-58 date. It would be nice to spot even earlier repaints,if possible, into vermilion. So the first showing of the EB style lettering was not on vermilion but on mineral repaints and an April or later in 1956 mineral repaint is fine.

The Champ set HB-429 is for the EB style with the 72" herald still available from Champ last fall.

Staffan Ehnbom

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Thanks for the information. I have a November 1956 photo of 11565 a 10' IH
12 panel car in mineral red (Per the Ed Hawkins caption) with the lettering
and Youngstown doors (RPC 8 page 85). That is the car I want to model.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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I do not believe IM has done a 12 panel car in mineral with EB lettering.
If you wanted to do one, Microscale supplies the lettering in their set
87-185. Champ used to have it in set HB-308 which appears to be
unavailable. However, it's possible it shows up in their set HB-429--I
don't have that set, so I can't say for sure.

Staffan (or otherts) may correct me on this, but I believe the first showing
of the EB style lettering happened on newly painted Vermilion cars and that
the same lettering on mineral cars happened later. If so, then you can drop
the mineral/EB project too.


Edward Sutorik

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