erroneous captions/RTR vs. kits


--- In STMFC@..., Jerry Michaels... wrote:
IMHO it's the same mentality that has led to the preponderance of ready to
run cars instead of kits.

I think kits are disappearing because the average model railroader has a hard time assembling kits. The hobby is centered around a pack rat mentality - keep buying more and more. Most model railroaders have closets full of unopened kits. Frequently it's a disaster when they try to assemble one.

Many men now prefer to buy one completed item instead of 2 or even 3 kits not likely to ever be assembled.

I'll bet members of this list can profitably trade cars they've assembled for kits in the closet. The only drawback is our time is worth more than that of the people who assemble the kits. But hey, those kits in the closet are lost money, especially for kits that have been "improved" like the 2 bay steam era covered hoppers. I doubt there's much market for the original square hatch covered hopper kit. Remember when that was a car only seen in NMRA contests?


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