Constantin Tank Car Line

David Turner


I have a copy of a photo of tank car E.C.X. 188 lettered for �Constantin
Refining Company, Tulsa, Okla.� It appears to be the builders photo
(Neg. 170141-A-1) for a car built by ACF under Lot Number 7749, dated
August 13th, 1915. Based upon the photographic evidence, I would
describe the car as an ACF Type 11, MCB Class II, 8000 gallons and
80,000 pounds capacity, equipped with 40 ton arch bar trucks and �K�
type brakes, and built of five vertical courses with single row rivets.

Similar looking cars are shown on pages 91 and 92 of Kaminski, Edward
S., TANK CARS: American Car and Foundry Company, 1865 to 1955.

In Epstein, Ralph C., GATX: A History of the General American
Transportation Corporation, 1898-1948, North River Press, 1948, on page
93, the growth of GATX included the absorption of the �Constantine Tank
Line of Oklahoma� in 1927 with its 1,061 tank cars.

Apparently, Eugene Constantin owned both the Refining Company and the
Tank Line from the early 1910s until 1927.

Any other information about either Constantin Refining Co. or Constantin
Tank Line and its tank cars would be appreciated.


David Turner
Keeping the S. P. & S. Rwy. alive in Santa Rosa, California

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