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Anthony Thompson wrote:

Richard Townsendt wrote:
While we have been conditioned to think of wine tank cars as having five or six domes, that was not necessarily the case.? I have seen photos of single dome tanks being loaded with wine, and I imagine tank cars with any number of domes (well, any number between zero and six, inclusive, anyway) were used to haul wine.? I think the Kaminski tank car book has photos of wine tank cars with various numbers of domes, but I do not have access to my copy right now.? BTW, the zero-dome tank cars I am thinking of are the Chateau Martin ex-milk tanks.
Actually, the page you may be thinking of is in the AC&F book, page 91, which was deliberately arranged to show wine cars of one, three, four and six domes. (I've never seen a five-dome car, but Richard Hendrickson is the real expert on this topic). Kaminski's tank car book also has photos of one, four and six domes.
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