Re: Old Wine Tank Car was: Re UTLX type V tanks

Richard Hendrickson

On May 27, 2009, at 12:53 PM, Rod Miller wrote:

A faint recollection from a visit to the Bully Hill
Winery ( was of a frameless tank
car setting alongside the road. [Bully Hill was
created as a protest against "tank car wine from
California" - you find out lots through the above
link or google]. Oh, Bully Hill is near Hammondsport
on Keuka Lake, one of the New York finger lakes.

I was successful in locating a photo of the car:

Unfortunately no frame details are available. The
car looks interesting and unlike and other wine
tank car I've seen. Perhaps parts (domes) are missing
if the car was purchased from the scrap line.

Wine tank cars came in every form from single compartment to six
compartment. What made them suitable for wine service was that (1)
they were lined (usually with "glass," i.e. a porcelain enamel
finish) and (2) they were class 203 cars with frangible disc vents
instead of safety valves. It appears that the car in your photo

Richard Hendrickson

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