Re: General american tank cars from Red Caboose

Richard Hendrickson

I sent my money off to Central Hobby Supply for two of the Red Caboose
General American tank car. I ordered them Undecorated. I wondered if
anyone has seen these in person and what schemes people are ordering?
Bill, the prototypes for the RC ICC-103W tank cars were built by AC&F, and
AFAIK GATC never owned them (though Shippers Car Line did). However, GATC
built some very similar cars for themselves and others after WW II and the
tanks were almost identical, so the GATC version can probably be modeled
pretty accurately by modifying the RC underframes. As those cars first
appeared just after the date I model, I don't have any in-service photos of
GATC 103-Ws, but there's a builder's broadside of one in the 1953 CBCyc. as
well as a builder's photo of an equivalent AC&F-built car. And I have
other early-'50s builder's photos of the AC&F cars.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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