Re: Freight car distribution

Allen Rueter

Beyond location, location, location, I would look at an annual report, and take a stab
at what cars haul various commodities, and adjust percentages from there.

With out looking it up,
Wabash in 1950
Ag 19%
Mines 32%
Manufactured goods 40%
... 19%
Bridge traffic ~60%

I need more foreign cars.
Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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Now here's a topic that should generate a little discussion.Freight car distribution. ......... ..not in the usual sense.What are some of the things one should consider when building a freight car fleet....... ..By type, not by road?I have my own opinion,but would like to hear what others think about just what influences car selection.Again, I would like to repeat,by type.Armand Premo

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