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Dave both type of contests should be able to live side by side . We are in a hobby to be enjoyed as we like it not as some else demands we should. Both systems have merit and detractions so lets have fun as it best serves each of us. Most all want different enjoyment from the hobby and all should accept and respect that.

Robert J. Birkholz

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>Well said, Tim. I meant to single out NMRA brass at the
>national level. Many local regions have "seen the light" and embrace
>prototype modeling, including my own Pacific Coast Region. Some parts
>of my former region, MId-Central Region, do the same, and doubtless
>there are others. Why this cannot penetrate the Board of Trustees or
>serving national officers is beyond me.

>Tony Thompson

OK, so you've singled me out Tony.

As an NMRA Trustee and Director form 1998-2006 what didn't I do?

I've been a prototype modeler since 1992 and have actively promoted,
supported, attended and displayed models at all but one (due to illness) RPM
meeting held in my Region.

Over the 8 years on the Board, I don't recollect us ever doing anything that
was anti RPM.

In fact, I don't recollect any submissions from you or any other members
about anything to do with RPM.

All negotiation between RPM and the NMRA are typically at Division and
Region level and I know locally, our Region fully supports the RPM movement.

And please don't tell me your local ex Director Ray deBlieck isn't pro RPM.

And re the contest, sure there are rules. And there is nothing wrong with

The paperwork is designed to help the judges determine what YOU did in each
category - paint, construction, scratchbuilding etc, and the model is judged
on those criteria.

If you don't complete the paperwork, how in heavens name do you expect the
judge to know what you've done?

My first entry in the NMRA contest didn't score well at all. So I read the
judges comments, re-read the rules and with that information in mind,
entered a model at the next convention that attained a significantly higher

Why? Two reasons IMHO. One, I followed the rules. And two, I pushed my own
ability to do some things I hadn't done before - like scratchbuilding.

So for me, the contest motivated me to be a more competent modeler. Just my
10c worth.

RPM offers a popular vote. You can enter a factory painted brass model and
be awarded the popular vote if the model is liked most by the majority.

It isn't a reflection of your modeling ability. It may be a measure of how
prototypically accurate your model is, or simply how much people liked it.

Or maybe you just display your models so others can see and discuss what you
have done.

Trying to compare the two is pointless. One is a competition, the other a
display. One is not better than the other, they are just different.

I don't understand why some people feel the need to have one be better than
the other. Why can't the two just co-exist peacefully.

As far as I'm concerned the whole is more than the sum of the parts.


Dave North

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