Greg Martin

KL writes:

<Major Snip>

"My final observation is that if everybody really did "check their ego at
the door", you wouldn't have 299 people a contest thinking they were
"losers", would you?


In my most humble opinion if we conducted a contest as you describe (a
Tamiya-Con or Orange County-Con) with 299 models on display and were charged
with finding 25 winning entries in the room, the you can better there would
be some bruised egos as the event ended and it happens in the Military
Contest as well. But one thing would be for certain the next year the entrants
for the 25 awards would be judged from a far smaller group of models. That
is what NMRA is experiencing in my opinion.

I don't derive any more inspiration for my modeling from entering a
contest than I do from just attending an event that has no contest and actually I
believe that those in the room are so proud of their work that the lack of
a contest opens them up far more. YMMV

Greg Martin

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