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Nice work. I waited with much anticipation to see your pics and was not disappointed. I hope I ordered the right ones as I just did so a few days ago and haven't received them yet.

Jerry Glow

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Assuming it clears with the esteemed moderator, I posted three photos in a new folder in the photo section, "Chris Frissell-rivet jobs." They aren't alternate center rivets as previously discussed on this list, but a similar application: an Intermountain AAR 10ft6in IH boxcar as modified with Archer rivet details applied to represent parallel lap seam rivet rows, internal door gussets and boltheads on the rebuilt side sills.

The model represents a 1942 ACF-built Erie 95000-series boxcar, as slightly rebuilt and repainted by Greenville for lease service on the NP (after the terminal date of interest for this list, but I beg that ACI label be tolerated given that it's slapped on an otherwise unadulterated steam era Erie boxcar). BTW, those Youngstown 4/4/4/4 doors are cut down from Proto2000's wider double sliding door set. Here's a link to a builder's photo of one of the Erie cars from Fallen Flags:

You can definitely do some cool new stuff with Archer's rivet decals.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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