Re: FC erroneous captions correcting - Denver Pub Lib and Colorado Lib

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

MY QUESTION: Are the Colorado Railroad Museum's and Denver Public
Library's photo collections linked?  I believe Richardson was tied
to both?

Al Kresse
I'm only a lowly CRRM library volunteer, Al, and don't know if there's any formal or official arrangement. Cross-pollination, certainly - the museum's Charlie Albi volunteers at the DPL at least one day a week, and there are always referrals in both directions. I suspect museum librarian Kenton Forrest has some personal clout if he needs special access to the DPL's collection, but the museum library has no link to the DPL that's any better than or different from the one you have through the internet.

Tom Madden

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