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Jerry and Charlie: I could have done everything on this boxcar with Archer Surface Details Assorted Rivets set AR88001 (the most versatile set for HO scale and definitely the one to start with I think), but I borrowed a few strips from set AR88014 (0.008" diameter rivets; keep in mind they expand in apparent size with the finish coat over them).

I haven't tried the new sets designed specifically for HO scale (AR88025 and AR88026) yet, but if you are after exact rivet counts (or "pitch") for specific projects, they offer a few more choices. I've had great results and keep thinking of more projects, so I will probably order one or both HO sheets one of these days. I'm also planning to experiment with the N scale set #AR88024 for rivet patterns on TOFC trailer side sheets, as Jim Eager suggested recently on another list.

I figured you spend about 3 cents a pop for these rivets, so they aren't cheap, but they are a lot of fun to work with, look great, are reasonably durable after painting, and certainly open up a lot of new modeling ground. They are produced with a very high quality waterslide decal paper that is great to work with and nicely settles with two shots of mild solvent.

I just finished another project based on a modified Erie AAR boxcar with Buckeye ends, in which I used Archer sets to add some of the smaller rivet details missing from Sunshine's resin kit (e.g., a dispersed pattern of mid-panel rivets on the sides), and also to detail am auxilliary plug door I scribed into the resin carside (this is another NP leaser). On that project and others I've used the largest rivets from AR88001 for plug welds on door opening gusset plates.


Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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...I hope I ordered the right ones as I just did so a few days ago and haven't received them yet.


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