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How can I word this without starting another round of responses pro or con?

This is a hobby. There are no rules.

Whatever makes me happy is what I should do. I shouldn't have to do it "by the book" or achieve results satisfactory to one or the other of you folks. On the other hand, if I decide the NMRA is the only way, that is my business and no one else's business.

If you don't like the NMRA, don't participate. If you don't like contests, don't enter. If you don't like paperwork, don't fill it out. But why on earth would you even care if anyone else shared your opinion? Do you need that validation from others? RPM meets are neither inherently better or worse than those of the NMRA, just different.

I appreciate the discussions on this group that enable me to learn more about freight cars and modeling freight cars but I can't see that entering a contest or not is of any importance to anyone here since contests are not a part of this discussion group.

For many years I thought the RPM meet in Naperville was only for a bunch of elitist modeling snobs who knew, and only they knew, how the hobby was to be properly pursued. Thanks to Richard Hendrickson for setting me straight on that.

Please, let's get back to freight cars or should we try to decide whether Ford or Chevy is the better automobile?

Gene Green
Exasperated in El Paso

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