Re: likeability bias in model freight car selection

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James: I am in accord with what you are doing. It's too bad you feel there's something wrong with it, though. I like the idea of walking around my HO scale yard going "Oh, look! A B&O wagontop!" "Wow! An X-23!" "A CPR mini-box!" I can't see them anymore in real life so I can at least see them at home. Of course if you want to get some cars you hate I suppose that's up to you. But you'd probably love them, too.

Stephan Parachuk

We've discussed how to achieve a fleet look, a pseudo random
feel for freight trains on our model railroads in many different
ways on this steam era list.

.... I have discovered a bias in my stash. I like everything.
It is not acquired if I do not like it.

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