On-line article: IC “Mainline of Mid-America” 2-bay offset hoppers

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Hello all,

While I have been a long-time lurker on this group and have really enjoyed the modeling efforts and information shared by many of you, I have never posted here before. Most modellers on this Yahoo group are HO-scale, but some really good work can be done in N-scale as well. I thought that it would be good to share it.

I have finally completed my N-scale Illinois Central "Mainline of Mid-America" hopper decal set and GHQ has agreed to post my article and sell the decals. This set decorates six, distinct IC hopper cars with high-resolution white decals that I printed using an ALPS printer. I had been planning to release these for over three years, but didn't really have a good venue to get them out to the public.

It would also be helpful to get an idea of whether or not these decals would be a hit in HO-scale.

While I could have submitted thsi article to a magazine, I really like what Gregg Scott is doing with these on-line articles, and am planning to write several, highly-detailed and researched articles on various railroad modeling subjects. My RR model building is good, but not yet up to Gregg's level, however I am getting better with every project that I do. Hopefully you will appreciate the detail and background information about company coal delivery into Canada and particularly, the detailed information about the IC coal service hopper fleet. I would appreciate any feedback, incremental information, corrections, or revisions.

To go on the N-scale forum go to the GHQ Web site (www.ghqmodels.com) and select Forums from the list or try this link:


Check it out.

Michael Livingston
Modeling southern Ontario RRs including CNR, TH&B, CPR, NYC, Wabash, C&O, N&W, PC, Via, GO transit, Conrail, Pere Marquette, etc... just not all at the same time!

I am not affiliated with GHQ, but I am a friend of Gregg Scott's and am now a contributor to this online article series. Now I hope to be a regular contributor!

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