Re: likeability bias in model freight car selection

Tim O'Connor

Maybe its a growing orderliness I see in my HO scale fleet that is uncomfortable. Like a home flower garden. Each car has a purpose. And I like every single car.

There is an underlying orderliness to real railroading too, it's just that I rarely glimpse all the themes in a real railroad yard. I am never privy to the waybills and wheel reports in real time. If I do see wheel reports, it is some deep research from a surviving wheel report in a 1950's era where I hadn;t been born yet. I was not there.

So my experience with real railroad yards (grubby, seemingly random, some very ugly cars, full of surprises) is different than my own model rairoad yard (much cleaner, purposeful, fabulous cars everywhere, no surprises).

Maybe I should swamp my railroad theme with PRR cars. Simple, grubby, common, random, no apparent purpose, bad boys..... :)

You can't have it all ways Jim. If you want disorder, join a club!


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