Re: likeability bias in model freight car selection


Jerry Glow wrote:

IMHO you need to study your interchange partners and patterns. It is
less likely that a nearby road's cars would be on yours than a distant
one. Not impossible but to me, less likely. Of course we all are PRR
modelers regardless of what we call our railroad <G> but in my case that
is VERY true as PRR interchanged with my modeled MP mainly in St Louis
and many cars were subject of Dick Kulbs (and others') photos in Texas.

I agree with Jerry although I would add that its the customers that
determine the freight car traffic patterns.

In each area industries determine the shipping patterns. As a counter to
Jerry's assumption that interchange is more likely with "distant"
railroads I provide the following example. In Madison Wisconsin, the
Milwaukee Road served the University heating plant, but the coal
contract was with mines in southern Illinois. So the coal came via the
Illinois Central usually in their hoppers. The IC interchanged with the
Milwaukee Road. The MILW took the hoppers, spotted them at the unloading
facility in the coal storage yard for the heating plant. They were
unloaded and returned empty to the IC. All this activity occurred within
an area of one square city block.

Bob Witt

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