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I have finally completed my N-scale Illinois Central "Mainline of Mid-America" hopper decal set and GHQ has agreed to post my article and sell the decals. This set decorates six, distinct IC hopper cars with high-resolution white decals that I printed using an ALPS printer. I had been planning to release these for over three years, but didn't really have a good venue to get them out to the public.

It would also be helpful to get an idea of whether or not these decals would be a hit in HO-scale.
The cars look very nice, and I for one think the decals would be well received in HO scale. The article is well done. What is it about Canadian modelers? Is everyone up north a prototype modeler? <G>. GHQ does nice work, I remember a friend of mine had some of their 1/285 tanks. Phenomenal detail!

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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