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         Take what you know from the photos; 2 billboard & 4 standard.  The 1/3
amount sounds viable to work from to build the model. I have seen very few
of the billboard scheme in photos; and usually the same number shows up.

Fred Freitas

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I'm building one of the Speedwitch cars for a rebuilt LNE boxcar. The
instructions say some of the cars were repainted in the late 1950's block
lettering. Not being to knowledgeable about the LNE are there any LNE
experts out there that can say with any degree of certainty how much of the
fleet got repainted in the LNE block lettering scheme. ted supplies decals
to model either scheme, but I am wondering which one was more typical.
My photos taken at the Alpha cement plant at Martins Creek PA on November 11, 1960 show two LNE boxcars (and a multitude of covered hoppers). One has LNE billboard lettering with the wide white stripe at the bottom of the car side, the other does not. Another photo taken a few hours later of the Pennsy's Phillipsburg NJ yard (telephoto from across the Delaware river) shows a cut of cars with five identifiable LNE boxcars. One has the billboard lettering, the other four do not.

Tom Madden

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