Re: likeability bias in model freight car selection


Initially I used the random number generator in Excel and assigned a unique number to each car.?? Using the built-in parameters and playing with the numbers, I was eventually able to make it work.? Since then I have ?moved to Ship It.

Rich Orr

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Where might one find such a randomness generator?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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Perhaps as discussed on this list previously, you need to expand your
fleet beyond the cars that are needed to serve your industries on a
regular basis.? Add those cars that will only show up every 4 or 5
operating sessions and then those that will show up once or twice a year.?
Using a random selector program for these "special" cars will usually
result in one or two of them each operating session and to some extent
remove that sameness with each session.

Rich Orr

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Maybe its a growing orderliness I see in my HO scale fleet that is
uncomfortable. Like a home flower garden. Each car has a purpose. And I
every single car.

There is an underlying orderliness to real railroading too, it's just that
rarely glimpse all the themes in a real railroad yard. I am never privy
to the
waybills and wheel reports in real time. If I do see wheel reports, it
is some
deep research from a surviving wheel report in a 1950's era where I hadn;t
born yet. I was not there.

So my experience with real railroad yards (grubby, seemingly random, some
ugly cars, full of surprises) is different than my own model rairoad yard
cleaner, purposeful, fabulous cars everywhere, no surprises).

Maybe I should swamp my railroad theme with PRR cars. Simple, grubby,
random, no apparent purpose, bad boys..... :)

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James: I am in accord with what you are doing. It's too bad you feel
something wrong with it, though. I like the idea of walking around my HO
yard going "Oh, look! A B&O wagontop!" "Wow! An X-23!" "A CPR mini-box!" I
see them anymore in real life so I can at least see them at home. Of
course if
you want to get some cars you hate I suppose that's up to you. But you'd
probably love them, too.

Stephan Parachuk

We've discussed how to achieve a fleet look, a pseudo random
feel for freight trains on our model railroads in many different
ways on this steam era list.

.... I have discovered a bias in my stash. I like everything.
It is not acquired if I do not like it.


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