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Sorry my response came out harsh. It wasn't meant to be. I've seen varried problems with contacting Ron. I don't know if he travels or what so keep trying - it's worth it. I have both of his boxcar kits in HO the 40' one assembled and shown at:

Jerry Glow

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I think Ron was at Naperville last fall. At least I thought I talked to him. The URL you give comes up and gives ron@... under contacts. If your bud can't figure that out he sure ain't going to build a resin kit.

sad but true
Jerry Glow

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I received the email below. Can anyone help to how to contact the Rocket Express guy?

"I've been trying to contact a resin kit manufacturer (CRIP boxcars and a caboose) named Rocket Express for some time now without a response. They mentioned going to Naperville's RPM meet, so I wondered if you knew anything about them - are they still in business?"


Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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